United pest Control Services, started providing General pest Control services, rodent control and Anti-Termite Treatment services
in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi since 2012. Our company is comprised of professional with extensive experience in pest control industry
UNITED PEST CONTROL technicians undergo rigorous training on pest biology and management to ensure that we only provide you with responsible treatments.

GENERAL PEST CONTROL SERVICES ( Any one or combination of the following)

Crawling insects control

For the infestation of cockroaches, bed bugs, and other crawling insects comprehensive spraying will be carried out in the premises using Approved chemicals by Ministry of Environment and Water of Dubai and Abu Dhabi Municipality. As for hard to reach and critical areas gel baiting shall be done

Flying insects control

Flying insects can be controlled in numerous ways like misting, fogging and larviciding, however the ultimate solution for pest infestation would be eliminating the root cause of the infestation thru sanitation and exclusion methods.

Rodent control

We do Internal and External rat bait system using approved rodenticides. They will be placed only on selected areas particularly on possible runways and breeding site of rat and mice
We also offer pest control for other pest, like snakes, birds and cats control. We offer alternative eclusion methods like trapping and exclusion methods like nets, as we from TeminexFG Pest Control do care for our environment

A. Anti Termite Control

Prior to building your house or any facility United Pest Control offers preconstruction treatment for the control of termites. It uses the latest termiticide in the market

Inspection Reports

United Pest Control Pest Control technicians are well trained to give the best service we can offer. After service they are to submit to you their treatment reports along with their personal inspection remarks
Our Entomologist are very willing to be your consultant by providing you inspection reports. They shall from time to time inspect your facility and give recommendations on further improvement on your sanitation and exclusion methodst
There is a need to sign for a periodic treatment because one time treatment does not provide a full guarantee of eliminating the pest. Other elements like cleaning, dust accumulation , and environmental factors like (rain and heat) tends to weaken the chemicals applied in your facility thru evaporation and wash off. In addition, too much activities like coming in and out of food or other stocks can contribute to pest population by cross infestation, Therefore it is wise to have a full contract, as we shall solve your current pest problem and we will help you prevent the next one.

Other Services

  • Water Tank cleaning services - we do water tank cleaning services in Abu Dhabi
  • HACCP Consultancy - we provide HACCP Consultancy in Abu Dhabi
  • Health and Safety Consultancy and Training - we provide health and safety consultancy and training in Abu Dhabi


RESIDUAL SPRAYING will be done on infested areas to control all crawling and flying insects.
GEL BAITING will be done in critical areas where residual spraying is not applicable like food handling facilities and offices to control roaches.
RODENT CONTROL: Baiting with poison Baits using Bait Stations will be strategically placed around the perimeter of the building to anticipate rodents from the outside.